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High quality whetstones for knives sharpening.

Our whetstones quality is very similar to original japanese sharpening stones.

We offer a wide selection of whetstone grades for knives and tools.

We have japanese style, double-sided and one-sided whetstones.

Information on how to use whetstones

Recommended use:

  • Grit below 400 - leveling the cutting edge, removing damage
  • Grit 400 to 800 - rough sharpening
  • Grit 800 to 2000 - normales schärfen
  • Grit above 2000 - polishing and obtaining the "razor" effect

How to use whetstones:

  • Before we start sharpening the knives, the stones should be completely immersed in water for about 10 minutes or until it releases air bubbles.
  • Place the stone on a flat surface so that it does not move during sharpening.
  • The knife should be sharpened from lower gradation to higher one.
  • Remember to sharpen both sides of the knife evenly.
  • Try to maintain a constant sharpening angle over the entire length of the cutting edge.
  • The Knife Master whetstone guide can be used to maintain a constant sharpening angle.
  • Use the entire surface evenly to avoid wear in one place.
  • Do not allow the stone to dry too much, pour water over it every moment.
  • After applying sharpening, rinse the stone and knife well under running water.
  • If unevenness is found on the surface of the stone - align it with a stone with a much smaller gradation, or use leveling diamond for whetstones.



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